Saturday, August 31, 2013

This and that

Today was sunny and warm, but definitely with a autumnal vibe. While I was walking the dog this morning, I heard, then saw a large flock of geese, flying low. They were flying east -- I imagine from one body of water to another. The afternoon warmth was not as sultry as a summer heat. I felt that early autumn is really what I'd prefer summer to be like.

I have been suffering from a cold for several days, and feeling tired from it, but this afternoon I did finally potter on the deck a little: a little pruning, a little watering, some spraying of Roundup on weeds growing between the paving stones. I think it was the The Dow Chemical Company that had the advertising tag "Better living through chemicals." I always find it amusing to use that for anything apt, from Roundup to antidepressants.

My cold was not as afflictive today as yesterday. For a while in the afternoon, after a hot shower that cleared my sinuses, I felt almost well, but now, in the early evening, I am feeling tired again. I stayed home from work yesterday, and Monday is a holiday, so I am hoping to conquer it by resting whenever I need to and drinking lots of water.

I recently read through some Tudor history by Alison Weir. Her reputation is that she's more of a popularizer than a scholar, but then I'm not a history scholar, just interested in history. It was a series of books that I already owned and have read previously: The Six Wives of Henry VIII, The Children of Henry VIII (somewhat mistitled, as it includes Henry VIII's great-niece Lady Jane Grey), and The Life of Elizabeth I. They are meant to be read in this sequence.

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