Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Taking down the old website

A long time ago, but not in a galaxy far away, I created a website. It was in the era of personal websites. First I made one about my grandparents, just for practice. I remember working with Photoshop to shrink the size of the pictures for web use so that they would not take too terribly long to download, even if you had a dial-up connection.

Later I made one about me. I think I made one for my store, when I had my framing store. I forget all the permutations, but when I was making a site for my framing business, I started to use a web-host called Homestead, which cost money, a certain amount per year.

After I started my blog, and after I closed my store, I slowly lost interest in my website, and updated it less and less. However, every year Homestead charged a certain amount of money to my debit card, and I just let it ride because I had put a lot of work into what I had there, and I often had intentions of updating materials less suited a blog, such as sound files of sermons I've delivered.

But what with unemployed spells over the last year and sundry other matters, I decided this year I would cancel that payment and take down my site. I got an e-mail from Homestead letting me know that payment was coming up, and I made a mental note to cancel. But then Homestead started sending me e-mails that the card information they had was out of date. I suppose it was an old expiration date. So I realized I didn't have to cancel, just wait until they take the website down because of non-payment. Now I am getting e-mails that they are suspending my site and that after a certain number of days they'll remove it. If you want a last look before it goes, here's a link:

Janette Kok website

It's funny. Blogs replaced websites, but then Facebook started to replace blogs. I love Facebook, but I still make the effort to blog because that allows longer trains of thought. They say now that Facebook is giving way to Twitter and Instagram, but I am well behind the curve on that. I recently joined Google+ just because every time I went to youtube, I was getting prompts to change my identity there to my Google identity, so I finally did just to make Google shut up. I don't even know what Google+ really is, and I haven't been to look yet. Right now, I'm good where I am.


Mavis Moon said...

It was a good website. Well done you.

Janette Kok said...

Thanks, Mave.