Monday, August 19, 2013

Job well done

Hooray for me. I accomplished my goal of getting half the deck cleaned. Here is the "after" picture:

There is no "before" picture because I would not have taken a picture of that mess, but now, for comparison, I did take one of the other, less tidy side:

When I was going to write this blog entry, I first got up and walked in a northeasterly direction through my living room, and as I went I forgot what I got up for. So I went in the kitchen. Maybe I wanted a glass of water. But I had left my water glass by the computer. I recalled that I had been thinking that I really quite deserved a gin and tonic after all my hard work, so I made one and, while I did, I remembered that the reason I got up was to get my camera and download the pictures.

So now you have the pictures to look at, and I have a gin and tonic to drink. Everybody's happy, right?

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