Monday, August 19, 2013

Home body

Today I am engaged in one of my favorite activities: staying home. I have spent several hours on my deck, sweeping and also trying to de-spiderize the shady side. I never really got my deck into good shape for sitting out and enjoying this summer, I guess because of being sickly in the spring and then averse to the heat later on. But today is a mild day, and I feel fine, so I've been out there. I would like to make the shady side, which is also the part I see out of my sitting room windows, look neat and clean and uncluttered.

Right now I'm taking a lunch break, although it's about 2:30 p.m. I had some leftover thuringer buns from yesterday, so I took some and stuck some yummy cheese inside, wrapped them in foil, and put them in the oven to heat up. Yes, it would be faster to use the microwave, but it would not taste as good. This way, the buns will get crunchy.

The second half of August is a bit late for getting the deck cleaned up, but there is still enjoyment to be had sitting out there in the weeks of autumn, so it will be worth it.

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