Friday, August 28, 2009

Views from the ferris wheel

Went to the Northwest Washington Fair last Saturday, and I went on the ferris wheel. I've wanted to do that for some years, and it was great. I took these pictures with my cell phone. I didn't know how to aim it just right, and I was afraid of dropping it out of the ride, so they're a bit constrained. And the colors from the cell phone are not as good as with my digital camera.

I loved going slowly around while they loaded the cars, then more quickly, but not too fast around and round. The breeze felt great.

It was a long wait for short ride, but much of ife is like that. My mom was with me, and that was fun, too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Renegade petunia. I have all purple petunias, but recently this pink one came up.

Volunteer verbena. I have all red verbena, but these pink and purple ones came up.

I suspect that in both cases they grew from flowers I had last year that seeded. They showed up rather late in the season. I guess they needed the extra time to grow from seeds, while the ones I planted probably were nurtured in greenhouses earlier in the season.