Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring progress report

I'm starting to get blooms on the verbena. Pretty red ones. I don't remember if I knew what color they'd be when I bought them. I may have thought they were purple. I remember last year, I planted a number of them and one plant turned out to have different colored blooms than the rest.

Around the side of the house, this pretty azalea is in bloom. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the dark pink dots near the heart of the flower. (Use your browser "back" button to come back.) I think my flower-loving grandma picked this plant out when the house was built.

These are the buds of a wisteria (sometimes spelled and pronounced wistaria). This is in a yard on my walk with the dog, not our yard. I always tell my sister in California she should plant wisteria to grow over the top of her deck to make shade that would also be green, dappled, and in the spring flowery and fragrant. However I also always add that they would have to be sure this climbing plant did not invade and tear apart the roof of their house. For some reason, she has never planted it.

Some lilac, not quite in full bloom, also from my walk. See what a beautiful day it is today. I would guess the lilac might be in full bloom by tomorrow.

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