Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life on the deck

Today was finally a WARM day.

I bought these pansies I don't know how many weeks ago, and kept them indoors for a while because of the danger of freezing, but they got long and leggy due to lack of sunlight. So I cut them way back and planted them out here in my wooden shoe planter several weeks ago. They sat, all small and cut back for a long time and didn't do much. But finally they are filling out again and I can see blossoms forming. Only one has actually bloomed. But it's so great to see any progress at all.

I pulled these pots out into the middle space of the deck and "grouped" them. The top one is peppermint that came back from last year. Extremely hardy. I cut it back ruthlessly today because it was already getting too big looking. On the left, the French lavender. Hope to see blooms in the warm weather. However even just the leave of this variety are fragrant. And the other pot is a pansy. I had two pansies in it, with the same story as above, except one pansy in this pot went ahead and died before the warm weather came. The other one is filling out and getting ready to bloom now.

Two of these pots are empty, but I "grouped" them all anyway. The largest one is destined to receive heliotrope tomorrow. The smallest one, last year I had a trailing "celebration rose" or some similar name that was quite pretty. Maybe the same this year, I don't know yet. The forward one with a plant is another peppermint, not quite as filled out as the one above, but coming along nicely. It's a different variety of peppermint. And the rear pot is another French lavender.

Here's my contorted filbert all leafed out with the verbena blooming around its base. Pretty red and green. Looking great, huh?

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