Sunday, May 3, 2009

New plants as yet unplanted

On Saturday, I drove to several stores to buy flowers I needed. I went to Haggen in Bellingham to buy some replacement fuchsia starts for some that died, to a hardware store in Lynden to buy a trellis and (impulse purchase) sage, and to Hi Hoe Nursery east of Lynden for more plants yet.

Above is a flat of mostly English lavender and some French lavender.

Honeysuckle. I 've been told it attracts hummingbirds, and that's why I bought it. This is why I needed the trellis.

Sage for the herb barrel.

Creeping Jenny, a golden variety , for this barrel. I always have Creeping Jenny to trail out of these two barrels by the pond, with impatiens in the middle. I saw impatiens at the nursery, but not double impatiens, which is what I prefer.

A geranium for the upstairs deck, some trailing white flowers to go with the geraniums, some alyssum for various places around the house, and the replacement fuchsia starts.

When I got home from all the running around on Saturday, it was late afternoon, and I didn't feel well. So I slept a little bit, then felt better, but had no time to plant these plants. Sunday, today, I felt fine but tired. I was actually sleepy in church this morning and hope that fact was not obvious to all around me in the pews. So I slept again this afternoon for a while, then putzed around online and on Facebook rather than getting these plants planted or doing any housework.
Manana. My dad used to sing a few lines of a song, "Manana, manana. Manana is soon enough for me."

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