Thursday, May 21, 2015

So sensitive

I mowed the lawn this evening after I got home from work. It was a pleasant job in many ways, as the grass is cool and the air was warm. However. After I was a little more than half done, the flying grass clippings and dirt triggered my allergies. My sinuses filled. I sneezed to the right and I sneezed to the left. I snorted in an unfeminine manner.

By the time I finished mowing and came inside, my eyes were streaming, my nose was congested, and my skin was itchy. I hurried to gather supplies then blew my nose repeatedly, put allergy eye drops in my eyes, squirted fluticasone up each nostril, and took a drugstore-brand Benadryl. I told myself that if I did not feel better in 20 minutes, I would take another pill. Thankfully, I did feel better.

I should go to bed early tonight. With the aid of the antihistamine, I should fall asleep quickly.

The life of a delicate flower is not an easy one.

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