Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shoe box

I now have a bench by my door. It's for me to sit on while I put on and take off my shoes. I ordered it quite a few weeks ago, and it arrived disassembled in a big box. On Memorial Day, when my family were over, I was going to say I put it together with the help of my sister-in-law and niece, but it would be more correct to say I watched while my sister-in-law and niece put it together.

Here it is.

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I have been vacuuming the area this morning. Lots of dirt and grass clippings get tracked in.

There's more. The bench seat is hinged, and when you open it - voila! - there is space to store my shoes. I vacuumed the shoes, too, before putting them in the box.

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Previously, all my shoes were scattered around the entrance area, just ready to trip the unwary as they entered. The less frequently worn shoes were dusty and, again, grass clippings and dirt abounded. Now it's all tidy. As a college friend of mine would say, "I'm such a Becky Home Ecky."

P.S. That's a new rug, too, that you see the corner of.

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