Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A pleasant afternoon

Some days you go out on your deck on a sunny afternoon to pot flowers. You bring your little dog for company. You're wearing a vest because you're chilly. After a while, you take off your vest and hang it over the back of your chair. It's warm out. Eventually, you take a break and sit in a lounging chair. You watch your dog as he wanders around, sniffing the air and objects, trying out different places to lie down in the sun or in the shade. Sometimes he stops and looks at you, just to see if you're okay and if you're okay with what he's doing.

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Yesterday was such a day.

The plant he's looking through is a type of flower you've never had before this spring. You bought it because the colors were so rich and deep.

What is the name of that plant? You find the tag.

The Latin name is easily forgettable, but the folk name is amusing: "ladies' purses."

A plane flies overhead in the clear air.

It leaves a condensation trail in the blue sky.

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