Saturday, May 30, 2015

Camp fire girl

I just fired up the barbecue and now I'm waiting for it to get nice and hot so I can grill some meat. The smell of the smoke made me remember about 25-30 years ago when I used to go camping with the singles group from my church. We camped a lot at Big Sur. (I lived in California at that time.) It was nice to camp with a big group like that, because I had very little preparation to do. I frequently volunteered to organize the camping. I would hold a meeting at my home and go through what needed to be done and bought, and various people would volunteer. Then I was done until it was time to throw my sleeping bag and some clothes in the car and head out there. Often I carpooled, so I didn't even have to drive. All I had to do was sit by the fire, drink wine, and enjoy myself. I did help with cooking and cleanup, of course. During the day, we would go hiking. Back then I was fit and trim. Those were good times.

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