Friday, July 13, 2012

There will be a quiz

I write on my blog almost every day, but rarely attract a comment, and when I do get a comment, it's usually from my sister. (Thank you, Mavis. Keep it up.) That's partly due (I suppose) to the nature of my blog entries, which are mostly comments on the weather, pictures of my flowers, and the like.

But when I go to The Pioneer Woman's website, whenever she writes about something funny her kids or dogs do, she gets about 500 comments. I notice that she offers quizzes about movies and photo contests. Those call forth response.

So I thought maybe occasionally I could offer a quiz on subjects I know, particularly certain novels or the Bible. So here's the first quiz. If you know me, you won't be surprised that it's about Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Unlike the Pioneer Woman, I can't (at this stage) offer a prize, other than honorable mention. But, if you like, go ahead and list your answers in the comments. I'll provide the correct answers in a few days.

Here you go:

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the Bennet sisters?

    a. Kitty
    b. Mary
    c. Anne
    d. Jane

2. Mr. Bingley’s first name is:

    a. Fitzwilliam
    b. Charles
    c. George
    d. Arthur

3. The Bennet family lives in the village of:

    a. Meryton
    b. Longbourn
    c. Kellynch
    d. Chawton

4. Mr. _______________ protested that he never read novels.

    a. Darcy
    b. Bennet
    c. Hurst
    d. Collins

5. Miss Bingley’s wit flows long on the subject of Mr. Darcy’s admiration for Elizabeth Bennet’s:

    a. Pleasing figure
    b. Playful manners
    c. Fine eyes
    d. Intelligent expression

6. Miss Bingley attracts Mr. Darcy’s attention by inviting Elizabeth Bennet to:

    a. Take a turn about the room
    b. Have a lovely cup of tea
    c. Attend a dinner party
    d. Perform on the pianoforte

7. Mr. Wickham claims that Mr. Darcy should have granted him a:

    a. Position as steward of his estate
    b. Living as a clergyman
    c. Purchase of a military commission
    d. Pension of £100 per year

8. Lydia Bennet is in ecstasy at an invitation to go to _______________ with her friend Mrs. Forster.

    a. London
    b. Bath
    c. Derby
    d. Brighton

9. Mr. Darcy offends Elizabeth Bennet during his proposal by dwelling on the inferiority of her:

    a. Dowry
    b. Intellect
    c. Family
    d. Manners

10. When Lady Catherine says, “If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient,” she is speaking of:

    a. Drawing
    b. Dancing
    c. Italian
    d. Music

Don't know the answers? Better read up. If you are not familiar with Pride and Prejudice, now is the time to get acquainted with this light, bright, and sparkling gem!


Barbara Sindlinger said...


The only ones my friend knows.

Barbara Sindlinger said...


Anonymous said...


Not sure about a couple of these. Good quiz!

your sister-in-law said...

Oops! Anonymous is Tricia :)

Mavis Moon said...

1. c.
2. a.
3. b.
4. d.
5. c.
6. a.
7. b.
8. d.
9. c.
10. d.