Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peppermint and herbs

The peppermint in this pot I thought could live or die earlier this spring. Looks like it has chosen to live.

Meanwhile, the peppermint in this pot has grown like a weed, as the saying goes. It really seemed like I left in the morning for work one day and this was a pot with a few straggly plants. Then the sun came out for a few hours and boom, lots of healthy leaves.

Speaking of peppermint being like a weed, a lot of baby plants were in the herb barrel. The shape of their leaves gave me a suspicion, so I pulled one up and rolled it around in my hand. I smelled it, and sure enough it was peppermint. At first I cleared away all but a little patch, thinking I could have a little peppermint in the herb barrel. Then I remembered peppermint's reputation for invasiveness, so I pulled it all up. I foresee having to "weed" for peppermint a lot this summer.

This parsley had pretty much died before we got any sunny weather, but now it looks like it could stage a comeback. Go, parsley, go. Grow, parsley, grow.

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