Thursday, June 25, 2015

Old wives know what they're talking about

Earlier, I quoted a saying about my cold: "Three days coming, three days with you, and three days going." My cold started on Tuesday, June 16, so I calculated (counted on my fingers) that yesterday should be the last day. It's pretty darn close.

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Yesterday I was well enough to go to work, but felt pretty draggy and tired by late afternoon--not quite well. Today I worked and felt normal all day. My sinuses have opened up enough that I can smell (it seems I need to clean my fridge) and taste again. Still some remnant of the cold, however. Should I specify? Okay. Mucus. Yeah, that's still clearing out, not quite all gone. And maybe I feel about 96% well all over, just a small percentage of residual aches and fatigue.

This blog has provided quite the saga of my upper respiratory infection. Maybe sometime they can make a mini-series about it.

Remember mini-series (mini-serieses?)? I think the first one was "Rich Man, Poor Man." The first one I got caught up in was "Roots." I was in high school and another girl and I raved about it to each other in gym class the day after watching LeVar Burton portray Kunte Kinte.

Anyway, mini-series(es) were always "sweeping sagas," just like the saga of my head cold, which lasted nine days, just as the old wives' saying predicted.

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