Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wintry mix

Today there is snow on the ground. I was not expecting that. The forecasts I had seen said a warming trend and rain. But it's hard to get an accurate forecast when you live in a small town. All the local TV stations are based in Seattle, which is a couple hundred miles from here, so what might be accurate for them might not apply up here. I find the closest to my weather is if I can find a station that reflects conditions at the airport in Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada. That's only a few miles away.

I was outside walking the dog around my back yard, which is in a declivity. I could see that in less sheltered spots the wind is blowing. It's cold. The snow is not deep, just covering the surface, if that. It is slushy, half snow half melted half rain. That's three halves. I did see some leaves with icicles hanging on them, because the snow melted, started to run off, and then froze. That's a silver thaw, but there's not enough snow to make it a true silver thaw.

Other than walking the dog, I've stayed indoors. If one has the chance to stay home in bad weather, one might as well. If today had been a work day, I would have ventured out, but I have seen plenty of reports today of cars sliding into ditches or colliding with each other and the like. No thanks.

So that's the weather report, I guess.

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