Friday, January 2, 2015

The play's the thing

Tonight when I took my dog for a little evening walk after dark, all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood were doused. One house did still have a lit tree in a window, but that was it. Yesterday, quite a few houses were still lit up, but now it's over.

For some reason, the first sentence I wrote made me remember the line in MacBeth, "There's husbandry in heaven tonight." Oops. I misquoted. Banquo said, "There's husbandry in heaven; / Their candles are all out." He was chatting with his son, Fleance, and their dialogue established that the moon was down, it was past midnight, and not many stars were visible. I taught MacBeth to high scholars a total of four times, I believe. Once as a student teacher, once each year that I taught in Christian schools (i.e. two years), and once when I taught English online. Or did I teach it online? I can't remember now. I know I taught Julius Caesar online and also at least one year in the classroom. I taught Romeo and Juliet at least once, to ninth graders.

I don't miss teaching. The classroom part could be good, but I hated, hated, hated grading papers. In fact, let's change the subject.

I've been thinking that it would be nice to go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. I once mentioned that to my sister as a thing to do in the years that there is no Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College, and she seemed to favor the idea. The Festival happens every two years, and we just went there in April 2014. I think it would be nice to go to Ashland maybe in the fall. When I look at their schedule online, it looks like they fire up in June and start shutting down in October, so maybe September would be a good time for it. We'll have to keep thinking and talking about it, although we wouldn't want to wait so long that tickets sold out for the dates we want. It looks like one can already buy tickets online.


Unknown said...

Hi Janette,
Thrilled to see you're thinking of visiting OSF! Thanks for sharing. I wanted to let you know that our first four plays of the season open in late February/early March, with a couple more shows opening in the spring before our outdoor season kicks into high gear in the summer. September is, indeed, a beautiful time to visit, as is October. Our season closes November 1. I would recommend signing up for a ticketing account now on our website so we can keep you up to date on news and ticket deals.
Thank you,
Julie C.
PR & Social Media Associate
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Janette Kok said...

Wow, thanks for finding my blog and giving input.