Thursday, January 29, 2015

In stitches

There's a page on Facebook that I follow called "Lost Pets of Whatcom County." It is to help pet owners find their lost pets, a cause dear to my heart. Once my dog was missing overnight and I was distraught. Fortunately, he had been picked up by animal control and was spending the night in the pound, not trapped somewhere cold, thirsty, hungry, bewildered, and wondering why I didn't come find him. A page like "Lost Pets" can only work if people look at it. But sometimes it makes me sad to see that every day there are several pets gone missing just in this county, and their owners are saying, "Please help me find my cat, my dog." They post pictures. Poor animals. Poor people.

Sometimes I feel sad about news and politics, too.

But on the up side, I knitted four rows this evening (knit 3, purl 1)--that is, if I counted correctly. I found that when I paused after a row of knitting, the next time I picked it up, I was wondering how many rows did I knit since the last row I purled? Much close examination and counting of what seemed to be rows would ensue. So I decided that every time I pick it up I will knit 3, purl 1, so that I always know where I am the next time. But at a certain point tonight I looked at my work and asked myself am I on my first or second row of knitting? Much close examination and counting of what seemed to be rows ensued. I did lay it down after the purled row so next time I know where to start and just have to pay attention so I don't forget where I am part way.

When I was  little girl (about 10) and my grandma taught me to knit, I would periodically get the stitches so tight on the needle that I could no longer poke the opposite needle through. Then I would give it to my grandma, and she would knit a few rows to get it to the right looseness. This time around, that's not happening. If anything, my stitches are exceedingly loose.

Isn't that interesting?

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