Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cold and damp

So today I took my camera along when I walked my dog, thinking maybe I'd see that funny looking duck again. I did not see it, although I did see the pair of mallard ducks I usually see.

As you can see, it's a rather wet morning here in the great Pacific Northwest. Fine weather for ducks, as they say.

Because I was looking for a webbed-footed fowl and because it was kind of chilly and rainy, I had running through my head a silly song I learned when I was a little girl:

Be kind to your webbed-footed friends
For a duck may be somebody's mother.
Be kind to your friends in the swamp
Where the weather is very cold and damp.
Now you may think that this is the end.
Well, it is.

It's sung to a fragment of the John Philip Sousa march, The Stars and Stripes Forever.

Today, I am the friend where the weather is very cold and damp to whom you should be kind. :-)  But my feet are not webbed. Yet.


Mavis Moon said...

Ha ha, I started singing the song before you even mentioned it!

Janette Kok said...

If I recall correctly, you taught me that song.