Monday, April 22, 2013

All flesh is grass

Here is a picture from last September of my calla lily, including a ceramic fleur-de-lis on the table next to it.

Today I found the fleur-de-lis broken. Perhaps the wind blew it over. Maybe a cat, possum, or some other creature knocked into the table and made it fall. Perhaps a small child is the cause. Oh, well. The wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.

In other back porch news, the honeysuckle has filled out with leaves and even is getting buds. I almost wrote "blooms," but they are "pre-blooms."

The honeysuckle picture is from Saturday, when it was rainy. Today was sunny. I was home from work recovering from my cold or flu or whatever it was. It was beautiful outside all day.

I do feel better. I think I was wise to stay home and rest, and I anticipate that I will return to work tomorrow.

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