Friday, March 22, 2013

On drugs

I went to the doctor today and received a prescription for an antibiotics for an ear infection. I'm telling you, the fun just never stops.

Actually, I was reflecting, as I drove to the pharmacy, that every time I get a prescription I'm so thankful to live in the present era. When I was 4, I had spinal meningitis. I could have died but antibiotics saved my life. In my late 40s, I had kidney stones several times, causing severe nausea. I received pharmaceuticals to curb the nausea and deaden the pain, and I had a non-invasive procedure called lithotripsy to break up the stones so I could pass them naturally. I slept through the procedure under general anaesthesia. Without modern medicine and procedures, I think I could potentially have died of dehydration from the nausea or from renal failure as the stones interfered with my kidney functions. At the very least, I would have had far more pain and suffering.

Those are just a couple of examples of why I am grateful for medical science. Thank you, researchers, drug developers, doctors, nurses, medical assistants of all kinds, and pharmacists. Heaven bless you.

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