Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My cold is going through its stages. I've had congestion and sneezing, and my voice is so croaky it astonishes my coworkers. Last night I coughed in a manner that would put twenty smokers to shame. I would wake up every hour or so to a strange whistling peeping noise and realize it was my own obstructed breathing passages. Also one ear is plugged up. It's the ear I usually hear better with, so I resemble the old joke "She was deaf in one ear and couldn't hear out of the other one." I tell myself that a cold can't last forever. Today starts day 5; surely the worst must be over.

To add to my joy, the weather forecast is for several days of cold, rainy, windy conditions.


flask said...

on day 5 of my cold, i went to the doctor.

on day 17, i went again.

today is day 19 and it is not done yet.

i hope you have better luck.

Janette Kok said...

I hope so too! And I hope your luck improves immediately! Feel better.