Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cool and green

Today is a dear cloudy day in Lynden, Washington, my home town. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you learn to love clouds, rain, and mist. Sure, rain gets you down if it persists too long, but then when I lived in California, the hot sun used to get me down if it persisted too long, too, and the rain was refreshing.

Fresh. Is that the word for the ambiance here? It's green and moist and cool and ... what are the words for the lighting? Today there is no glare and no sharp shadows. It's cool and most colors are subdued, except for the greens, which are lush.

I'm going back to the Home & Garden Show this afternoon to hear one of my favorite TV gardeners, Ciscoe Morris, speak. My sister-in-law plans to meet me there.

Yesterday was nice there with my folks. After seeing the sights, we decided to eat in a restaurant. We went to the Dutch Mothers restaurant on Front Street. Afterwards I went into the Dutch Bakery with my mom, so she could get muffins, and then we drove over to Edaleen Dairy on the Guide and I went in with my dad so he could get milk and half & half.

When I was in junior high and high school, I was a John Denver fan. I owned many of his albums. (I probably still own them, but I don't own a turntable, or indeed a stereo of any kind.) He had a song called "Cool and green and shady." It's really more of a summer mood song than early spring like today, but here it is.

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