Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nine Ladies Dancing

Until about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, I was in holiday mode, relaxed and home-loving. Then I acknowledged to myself that the next day was a work day and discovered to my dismay that it was also a school day. (I was thinking surely WCC would start classes Monday the 7th.) So this morning I was up early, off to work, home to feed the dog, off to class, home to feel tired.

A little dinner has revived me, but now I need to go to bed so that I can get up again.

Work and class were fine. Just cumulatively, with two round trips between Lynden and Bellingham, a bit much.

Christmas and even New Year's Day (brunch at Pierside, SemiAhMoo with family) seem a long time ago. Oh, well. I may as well brace myself and be strong for the stretch of waiting for longer days and returning flowers for the next couple months. One thing that's cheering, my prayer book has January as its last month in the autumn-winter volume, and moves into Spring in February. And indeed the word Lent (Lent starts in February) means Spring.

Meanwhile, it's not even Epiphany yet. Liturgically, Christmas is not over, despite the zeitgeist.

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