Saturday, January 19, 2008

Borrowed Blog Idea

Over at Quiet Life blog, Mrs. "Booshay" generates comments by asking some questions in her postings. On Friday, she asked five questions and got 49 comments (last I checked). Instead of adding number 50 over there, I decided to borrow (steal?) her questions and write the answers as a post on my own blog.

1. What are you reading?

While I eat breakfast, I've been reading a chapter or so each morning of New Seeds of Contemplation, by Thomas More.

In leisure time, I've been re-reading some novels I own by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. She wrote the screen play adaptations for Merchant-Ivory Productions' Howards End, Room with a View, and The Remains of the Day. She also has written quite a few novels, of which I own a few. If I am informed correctly, she was born in Germany, educated in England, and married a man from India, and she lived in India for many years. That is where my favorite novels of hers are set. The first one I re-read was my very favorite, The Nature of Passion. Then, Amrita: Or to Whom She Will, my third favorite. I still need to re-read my second favorite, The Householder. These are all just amusing, slightly biting, yet overall kindly books about Indian families. I like The Nature of Passion best because the plot strands tie up in happy yet ironic ways.

2. What are you making?

I'm afraid I'm not making anything with my hands. Mrs. Booshay is a knitter, as well as a talented photographer, so she always has socks, a hat, or a beautiful photo to show.

If I stretch a point, I'm making myself into a paralegal. The process should be complete in June, 2008.

3. How often do you grocery shop?

I grocery shop about once a week, sometimes less. As a single person, I can buy in different patterns: stuff I really like, stuff that's easy to make, or just what I need most desperately. And if I don't get to the grocery store, I can make do with whatever's in the cupboard or fridge.

4. Would you buy a house with a one-car garage?

I certainly would. I own only one car.

5. Do you dream of living in a big city (e.g. Chicago or New York) or on a farm?

Neither appeals to me. I made my choice of the kind of place I want to live, and it's a city with a population of just over 10,000. And that's after a lot of growth. The Lynden I knew as a little girl I think had a population of under 4,000. I like not having heavy traffice or crime. On the other hand, I like having neighbors. I think I would feel isolated either in a big city or out in the country. But in Lynden I feel right at home.

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