Saturday, January 5, 2008

January frame of mind

Well, I followed a slightly saner schedule the last couple days. On January 2, it was my own fault that I stayed at work until I didn't have enough time to drive home, do the things I needed to do there, and drive to class and get there on time. So I figured out a schedule for myself with what I hope are reasonable work hours.

It's time to stop bemoaning the end of Christmas (today is the Twelfth Day) and start living January. The January experience is more austere and cool than the warm, colorful, and cozy atmosphere of Christmas, but it has its own pleasures. Chilly, bleak, gray, cloudy, dull, twilit, dark, cold--these don't have to be negative words. They can be bracing, challenging, calling forth a cheerful stoicism. They have the appeal of military or monastic life. As someone who likes to read works about Benedictine spirituality, I should embrace them.

If I remember my church history correctly, Christian stoicism was influential in shaping some of the greatest elements of Medieval society.

Canterbury Cathedral. [Photograph]. Retrieved January 5, 2008, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online:

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