Monday, January 28, 2008

I say, I say

James Lileks wrote over in his Bleat about Foghorn Leghorn (you have to read a while to get there). Foghorn Leghorn is, of course, the Southern chicken of cartoon fame. Lileks talked about him a while; like me, he likes him, but then he finished up by saying he hated it when they paired him up with that chick kid, though. But those were my favorites because they generated my two favorite Foghorn Leghorn lines, even though I can only remember one in full. That one would be when the kid talked too much to him (or was that the chicken hawk, not the chick kid? There was a chicken hawk half FL's size that would keep trying to carry him off), and Foghorn Leghorn would state, "Ah say, git away from me, boy. You bothah me." The other remark started out, "This boy, Ah say, this boy is so dumb that . . ." and then would follow some ludicrous Southern-style comparison. It's been a long time since I watched cartoons.

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