Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This evening I finally finished cleaning out the little pool and set up the manneken pis. It was too dark to take a picture by the time I finished, but light enough to work. This is a delightful time of year, close to summer solstice, when the days are so long that I can work outside until 9:00 p.m.

I cleaned the pool, wiping it out with vinegar water to get rid of any mold or whatever might be there. Then I filled it with fresh, clear water and set up the little peeing-boy fountain. Plugged it in, and everything worked great right off. I had swept the pavers around the pool, and I planted some yellow begonias and white bacopa in a shallow pot and set it next to the water. I found my metal frog and placed it in position by the edge of the pool, and I re-hung the strawberry basket, which I had removed while I was working there (so I wouldn't knock it around with my head).

There's something particularly sweet about the sound of water splashing at dusk.

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