Sunday, June 8, 2014

Highly accomplished

Good weekend. I planted a good number of flowers. Here are the striped petunias in the new plant hanger, both of which I bought at Van Wingerden's last weekend:

Isn't that pretty?

I put these wall flowers on either side of my door. They tend to grow in odd shapes, but the flowers are delightfully fragrant:

And I put these gorgeous pansies in a worthy pot:

You can also see the mowed lawn in the background, which is another accomplishment. Yay, me.

And I hung up this and some other plaques or whatever they may be called:

All that work was on Saturday. I have been having a quiet Sunday. I sat out on the deck for a while this afternoon but kept dozing off, so came inside to sleep more comfortably on the couch. Now it's evening. It looks kind of windy and dark outside. I wonder if it will rain. I was out walking my dog around the yard about an hour or so ago, and the air temperature is warm; however, I have all the doors and windows shut because the wind puts stuff in the air that kicks off my allergies.


Mavis Moon said...

Very nice, Jan. You're doing such a good job on the blog. I read it but I don't post many comments because I'm usually reading on my phone and it's hard to write comments on that. Sorry. But I'm here.


Janette Kok said...

Thank you, Mavis. I appreciate the encouragement.