Friday, June 6, 2014

Early in the a.m.

A slightly overcast morning. I'm awake early, which is nice. I woke up naturally. Yesterday and the day before, I was so sleepy during my commute that I went to bed early both evenings. So now I must be caught up. I'm having a cup of coffee in the extra half hour I now have. A quiet morning with coffee. What could be better?

Perhaps this evening I will finally mow the lawn. We've been having such lovely sunny dry weather that I am safe to procrastinate so, being tired, that's what I've done the last two evenings after work. I've intended to mow but then not done so. No rain is in the forecast until Sunday, so I can wait as long as until Saturday evening. No pressure.

Time, time, time. Everything takes time, and time is limited.

A little later: What was I raving about when I said it was overcast? When I went out to walk the dog, the sky was blue from end to end, not a trace of cloud. My impression of darkness when I looked out the window must have just been that it was still so early that there were shadows on the lawn.

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