Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hi Noe!

Yesterday I went to my favorite plant nursery, Hi Hoe. I took a friend with me to show her how great it was. Well, there weren't as many plants there as I expected, and the secret garden was unmowed with most of the plants dug up. Guess what? The owners are selling off what they have in stock and after the end of May they're closing down and moving to another town.

Last year, another good nursery, Bakerview Nursery in Bellingham, also closed down due to the owners retiring.

On the up side, Vander Giessen Nursery right in Lynden is expanding.


Mavis Moon said...

So sad those nurseries have and are closing. Does Vander Giessens have nice outdoor paths, too, or is it all greenhouses?

Remember Grandma worked there?

I was at the Almaden Nursery Saturday. I bought 3 tomato plants and 2 herbs. I also ordered a "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow" and they called today and said it was ordered. It's a smaller version of the same tree we have on the side of the house. Always seemed a waste no one saw it there. Or smelled it.

Mavis Moon said...

Here's a link to info on the Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow. Did not know it was so poisonous! Probably we should plant in the front yard by the house where kids and dogs won't likely go.

Janette Kok said...

Looks like a great plant, Mave. The article indicates it needs partial shade--do you have a good spot like that in the front?