Thursday, April 24, 2014

Morning routine

My favorable jet lag is wearing off. Today I woke up nice and early, but not easily. I could tell by how dark the windows were that was overcast outside and now I can hear it raining hard. I'm not excited for the dog's walk in a little while. I hope it lets up.

I have been sitting here with my light thing that's supposed to help my sleep patterns. I have it working on a timer, and when it automatically shut off, I thought for a moment that I was losing power. Thankfully, no.

I'm having a cup of coffee. Oh, the bliss of that first warm sip. When I'm done with it, I will get dressed and walk the dog, no matter what the weather. When we get home, I'll change into my work clothes, then fix myself some breakfast -- probably toast with peanut butter and another cup of coffee. I will read from my Kindle while I eat.

I've found a method that helps me get out the door on time to go to work. I get fully dressed, shoes and all, before eating breakfast, and also put necessary items (cell phone, lunch) in my pockets and purse before eating breakfast. That way when I suddenly realize that it's time to go I just have to put the poor little dog in his box, pick up my keys and purse, and go. Previously, I ate, then put on my socks and shoes and got my phone and lunch together, put the dog in his box, and left. I always underestimated the time that would take me, especially finding a pair of matching socks, and consistently left the house five minutes later than I wanted to. No amount of getting up earlier fixed that last-minute delay. The sense of running late added stress to my commute. The new way is a distinct improvement.

Well, I've finished my coffee, and I don't hear the rain pelting as hard. It's probably an opportune moment to walk the dog. Good day to you, whoever you are.

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