Sunday, March 2, 2014


Today we are having a recrudescence of winter. Don't you love the word "recrudescence"? It's great for the reappearance of something you don't like because it has the word "crud" in it.

Freezing rain is a type of crud.

My footprints are in the crud from when I walked the dog. His footprints are lighter because he is lighter. Still, here are some bird footprints.

The irises that have poked their leaves out of the ground may rue the day.

Even with the snow and freezing rain, if you look closely, you can see green leaf buds on the bushes by the creek.

The honeysuckle has got baby leaves, and in the bottom third of the picture, just to the left of the contorted filbert, there is a robin.

While I was out on the deck taking pictures, this guy had to climb into the chair to keep an eye on me through the window.

It's a good day to spend indoors with him.

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