Saturday, March 29, 2014

Branches, cages, cars, and coffee

It seems like I blog on weekends. The weeks go by quickly.

In the late afternoon today, I worked more on clearing up the back yard. The branches I've been cutting off have been lying around, and I'm trying to pile them near the creek. There's so much brush and so many thick blackberry stalks that it's all quite a lot of work. I got some aerobic exercise out there.

This morning I went to the DOL (in Washington, we have a DOL: Department of Licensing; when I lived in California, it was the DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles) to renew my driver's license. Before I left, I imprisoned my dog in a cage.

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Is this the saddest picture ever?

I have to lock him up because if he has free range of the house when he's alone, he wreaks havoc (or "reeks havoc," as a student of mine once wrote in an essay). Solitude makes him insane.

In between the DOL and the yard work, I visited with my folks. We had coffee, looked at pictures, and spoke on the phone with both of my out-of-state siblings.

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