Monday, February 10, 2014

Water, water

Here is a picture of the creek last year in February:

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And here is a picture of the creek this year in February:

It's slightly lower this year. It has been a dry winter, at least until now. As I mentioned in the previous post, it's raining now and forecast to rain for the foreseeable future.

Another reason to be glad for the change in the weather is that during the dry, cold weather: (a) my naturally dry, itchy skin itched like fury, and (b) I was getting enough static electricity shocks to cause cardiac arrhythmia.

Messy snowstorms in the Pacific Northwest have been in the news, but they did not reach as far north as where I live.

I was hoping it might also be raining in California, where a drought is predicted, but I just looked at weather forecasts for down there, and the most is musters is a "chance of rain" way at the far end of the long-term forecast.

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