Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sermons and sleeping

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I worked on a sermon I hope to deliver next Sunday morning. In the afternoon, I did a rough translation of the passage (Matthew 12:15-21) from the Greek. I'm not a Greek scholar, but I like to look at the Greek text just to see if something different comes through to me. One interesting tidbit, the word "servant" in verse 18 is παῖς in the Greek (pais) and can be translated as either servant or child.

Around 5:00ish, I gave into the dog's increasingly anxious hints and fed and walked him. Then, feeling I needed a mental break, I sat down in my recliner to a gardening show on TV, on of my favorites, Gardening with Ciscoe. Within minutes I was sound asleep, snoring and dreaming, and only woke up, groggily, about an hour and a half later. The station on the TV was showing some clips of the bad weather in the Midwest and East (in the U.S.) that made me heartily pity the people who live there and equally made me heartily glad I do not.

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