Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring fever

It's been a rather sickly spring for me. Around March 15th, I believe it was, I started to have nasal congestion and related issues. Since then, I really have not been without them. Sometimes it's worse and I think I've got a cold and sometimes it's better and I think I'm getting well, then it gets worse again. This week, my doctor has decided to treat my allergies aggressively. I am using fluticasone, a steroid nasal spray, and taking a week of Prednisone, also a steroid.

Steroid suppress the immune system and, since allergies are basically the immune system gone wild, that makes sense.

Yesterday and today, I've had some crazy coughing fits that tire me right out, so I hope that stops now.

What's particularly frustrating is that this weekend we had beautiful warm weather and I really wanted to make my first big outing to Hi Hoe Nursery, but I just didn't have the energy. I have barely started to clean my deck up.

A little at a time, I am scraping the moss from between the cracks...

...and sweeping it into a pile, then disposing of it.

I have straggling and dead plants from last summer that I need to trim or get rid of.

I am hoping to have it at least neat and clean, if not blooming, by Sunday, Mother's Day. I traditionally host our family's Mother's Day celebration so that the mothers can relax. If the weather's nice, we could sit out there a bit.

I just looked at the 7-day forecast, and it says it will cool down and rain by next weekend. At least that would take the pressure off needing to be ready for outdoor entertaining.

We'll see. Those longer-range forecasts are not always correct.

Below, my dog demonstrates how to enjoy a deck.

First, relax.

Next, doze.

And that's really all there is to it.

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