Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fragrant, fleeting lilacs

Well, my major preoccupations this week have been my sinuses and the weather, two topics I blog about too much, so I'll spare you.

Spring is making progress, however. Sunday night at a Bible study we were commenting that lilacs were already starting to bloom. That was a smidge early. I believe my sister-in-law says that every year but one her lilac has bloomed by May 8, so it was perhaps a week early to have it start April 28. We also discussed how quickly the lilac bloom season is over. They are always past their best by Memorial Day. I know that because I have sometimes thought it would be nice to put some lilacs on my flower-loving grandma's grave on Memorial Day, but they are never good enough any more. On the other hand, my sister-in-law often brings me a fragrant vase full of lilacs on Mother's Day, when I host the Mother's Day lunch for our family so that the mothers don't have to fix the food.

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From Spring 2012. This year's blooms are not quite this full yet.

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