Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fortnightly Review

Now I've been working full time for just over two weeks. I think I'm getting used to the schedule. At first I was feeling too tired in the evenings to blog, or do housework or laundry. I'm still too tired to do housework and laundry. :-)

It's a much better routine than when I was working part-time and going to classes. Now I drive back and forth to Bellingham only once, round trip, instead of twice. Saves personal energy and saves gas, too. Now I only have to fill my gas tank once a week.

My school schedule threw off my mealtimes, too. Theoretically, I worked 8:30-1:30, came home, ate a little something and fed and walked the dog, maybe did a little school work, then drove back to WCC in time for classes that started at 5:30. In reality, I usually worked till 2:00 or 3:00 or even longer. Then my time at home was crunched. Plus, because I waited from breakfast until mid-afternoon to eat, I was starving when I got home. It was an odd time to eat, too. Was it lunch or dinner? And then try to get the dog care done before hurrying out the door, usually late, for class. I'd get home again in the evening, tired and frazzled.

Now, I take a sack lunch with me and eat it at about noon, which is my normal time for lunch. I might be a little hungry when I get home in the evening, but not outrageously so. And once I'm home, I don't have to go anywhere, unless for social reasons, like visiting my sister-in-law on Friday evening. I can feed and walk the dog, have some dinner, then sit down and read or whatever.

I do find I need to go to bed on time to get up on time. I get up early, because in the morning I also have to feed and walk the dog. Hey, what is this? How much trouble is this canine? Not more than he's worth, that's for sure. And I get up early because I'm a slow waker-upper. I can't just jump out of bed and race around quickly getting ready. I have to roll out of bed and creep around slowly, and even spend some time sitting on the couch holding the dog and relaxing, or even dozing a little.

This is a nice time of year, too, although the afternoons might get a little too hot, and the sun might be more glaring than Western Washingtonians are used to. But the days are still so long. It's great to have light all evening long. Even when I go to bed, it's not even completely dark yet. This time of year helps atone for January and February.

So things are pretty good about now. And another few weeks and I'm going to have some family visitors--out-of-state siblings and their kids. You can't beat that with a stick, as my dad would say.

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