Sunday, July 6, 2008

Backed up blog

These are pictures from the days I came back from California, which was two weekends ago. When I got back home, I went straight into a busy work week, with also a sermon to prepare, and then I guess I just forgot.

So, the day that I left California, just my sister and I were home--the menfolk had gone fishing--and there was no one to take our picture, so we took each other's. This is my sister's family room. The painting in the background was painted by our grandma. Here I am:

Here's my sister:

On my way down to California, I saw a coffee stand called Dutch Bros. just a little north of Ashland, Oregon. It also had a camouflaged van parked by it that said "Dutch Army." That made me laugh. I thought it was a one of kind phenomenon, but on the way back, I came to realize it's a chain. I liked the sign on this one, "Yeah, we're open." That's how a Dutch-American might talk:

I stopped at a vista point on I-5, and sure enough there it was, a vista. Mt Shasta:

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