Sunday, April 27, 2008

New plants

I bought and planted some new plants on Saturday.

This one, I LOVE. It's a contorted filbert. The picture gives some idea. It's gnarly! Around the bottom are verbena, which will get purple flowers.In the front, biggest pot, is heliotrope. I first bought this because I heard my Grandma Kok loved it. It reminds me of lilac, with the purple flowers and sweet scent. To the left in the smallest pot is a celebration rose. I have never had this before. I can only go by the picture on the label what the flowers will look like. I try a few new things every year to see if I like them. If I do, I repeat them in future years. Behind those two are ones I put up pictures of before, a peppermint and some pansies.
This is the celebration rose up closers.
This is a French lavender. I bought it because at the nursery my sister in law was holding several of them, and I could smell how wonderful they smelled from a couple feet away. I bought two. I have to get a good enough pot for the other one. The leaves look fern-like, very pretty.

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