Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Backsliding weather

The weather has not stayed as springlike as Saturday. They say that this Saturday will be 30 degrees cooler than last Saturday. I'm hoping they are wrong.


Anonymous said...

Jan, I hope your plants are surviving. Dad just told me you had snow flurries. That just seems WRONG!


Janette Kok said...

You're so right. Snow in mid-April is just plain wrong. However, so far the plants are surviving. One petunia looked a little sad. It may have been the hail Friday morning. But I fluffed it up a little and encouraged it.

I walk around and look at my plants and see if they look cheerful, and I put my finger in the dirt to see if I need to water. So far, they're all standing up straight, not drooping, and the precipitation has kept them moist.

Tonight it's supposed to go down to 33. Not quite freezing. So. So far, so good.