Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plants and more

These half whiskey barrels have impatiens in the middle and creeping jenny around the edges. These are shade-loving flowers, and the barrels are under the upper deck. The creeping jenny will grow over the edges of the barrels and trail down, and it will get little yellow flowers. The impatiens, which are "double" impatiens with rose-like blooms in a hot pink will fill the centers. I forget the official names of these, also for the shady side of the deck; the folk name is something like "stained glass windows." The leaves are green around the edges with a deep, dark red in the middle. If a freezing temperature is predicted, I'll have to put them in the shed before nightfall. Once frost danger is past, I'll put them on the cement retaining wall around the deck.
This is my view when I sit just outside my door on the sunny side of the deck.
I bought this sign to hang on the house wall above a little bench just outside my door.

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