Saturday, February 9, 2008

How Green Was My Back Yard

Today, and to a lesser extent yesterday, we returned to more typical Western Washington winter weather. Gentle rain in the foreground, mist in the mid-distance, and no far prospects at all, just disappearance into gray. I like it. But what was really great was the mild temperature. Intead of low 30s with 25 mph winds, it has been low to mid 40s with very little wind.

It stopped raining this afternoon. This morning, every branch and twig had a water drop, like a glass bead, on it. Now, though it's still damp out, the glassy drops are fewer. If you look closely at the evergreen branches below, you can see water in them.

The following picture shows how even the trunks and branches of trees are green here because of the moist air. It also shows Fishtrap Creek high and muddy, with a good current, as it is in the winter.

Below is my most successful photo of the day, in my own opinion. The dark, damp, rough bark with the thick green moss.

I think it's so pretty here. Everywhere has its beauty. The Santa Clara Valley, in California, where I used to live, was beautiful. But I particularly like the damp, misty, green kind of beauty here in the Pacific Northwest.

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