Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sick day

Today I am home sick (not homesick) again. My dog got a walk around the back yard this morning instead of a walk around the neighborhood, which bewildered him somewhat, but then he is no stranger to bewilderment.

Mid-morning, I did a little therapeutic sitting in the sun:

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I wore a hat to shade my face, but I deliberately exposed my arms and shins to the sun. The deck is still quite messy, unswept, weedy, but fortunately sitting in the sun does not require tidiness.

Before I came back inside, I decided to take some pictures to show the difference between calibrachoa and double calibrachoa, which I mentioned the other day. Here is calibrachoa:

And very pretty it is. Here is double calibrachoa:

And here:

And since the double calibrachoa is in with the strawberries, I took some pictures of berries in progress.

Here are some blossoms:

And some very green and immature berries:

So there you go.

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