Sunday, May 18, 2014

Strawberries and things

Last night I planted the creeping jenny around the edge of these barrels, as is my tradition. Usually the interior is double impatiens, but I haven't seen many of those this year and didn't want the colors I did see. I was going to just buy regular impatiens and was opting for all white, but the store I was at didn't have enough white impatiens. Later I saw these white begonias so got them instead.

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Now that I see them together, I'm not sure it's a great match, with the begonias' dark leaves and the bright green creeping jenny. We'll see how it looks as they mature.

For a couple years, I've had a hanging basket of strawberries. A couple made it through the winter, and I bought some more, and decided to mix flowers in, too. These purple double calibrachoa were so pretty, I couldn't resist. Ordinary calibrachoa is like a miniature petunia, a trumpet-shaped flower, but these have the extra petals. I do have some ordinary calibrachoa as well, for other pots, in other colors.

Obviously I have not yet hung this hanging pot.

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