Saturday, July 6, 2013


Last year I put together a hanging basket of strawberries for my dad, with four strawberry plants in it. Two made it through the winter, so I hung the basket up again. A week or two ago, I added some pale blue bacopa, just to fill in the basket a little and make the arrangement pretty as well as fruitful.

One berry is very ripe, another is pretty ripe, and other are ripening.

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As the summer progresses, Fishtrap Creek drops in depth. A sandbar (is it a sandbar?) appears that is covered by water in the winter.

Yesterday my great-niece was down there, doing "catch and release" with water bugs, when she started screaming in terror. Her older sister ran to the rescue and I heard the little girl say that a lobster almost got her toe.

If there's one thing more sure than another, it's that there are no lobsters in this creek. Her older sister reported that it was a "crawdaddy." I didn't think there were even crayfish in this creek, but then I'm no naturalist.

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