Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sneeze, cough, hack, bleah

It seems like I've been sick a lot lately. I had a sick day in August, I had a cold in February, and also last November. And I guess I didn't blog about it, but sometime in the last couple weeks I came home early from work with a bad headache.

Now it's a nasty cold. Yesterday I sneezed more than I previously thought humanly possible, and my nose ran like a river. It was gross. Today I have congested sinuses and a cough that is dreadful both to do and to hear. And I'm kind of achy. Still, I hope to make it to work tomorrow. I guess it's the mark of a good employee that your absence would be an inconvenience to your boss.


I know I'm sick because no food appeals to me. It's all tasteless, so I hardly want to bother...

I was going on about what I ate and why when it struck me that this is a rather dreary post. So here's a video that apparently went "viral" -- punny! -- this week:

Poor little dog. I think I know how he feels.

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