Sunday, October 7, 2012

Insidious naps

This morning I went to the morning worship at my parents' church. I was going to go to the evening worship at my own church, but overslept on my afternoon nap.

I got into my recliner with a pillow, afghan, and TV remote, fully intending to take a nap, but only of about an hour's duration. I put the Classic Arts Showcase Channel on TV, which seemed to start out with some operatic singing, and I woke up two or three hours later, at 5:55 p.m., five minutes before the evening service begins.

There is no way that at that hour I could lock my dog in his box and go away, even if I was fit to be seen myself. At that time of day he needed his dinner and, more importantly, his walk. His walk is not just for his amusement, it's for his necessary bodily functions. It must be done. So I fed and walked him and ended up spending the evening at home.

I told my dog that my recliner casts a spell over me. It lures me into a deep sleep.

The arms of Morpheus

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