Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I've been working again, a few days a week. With it comes the tiredness in the evenings. I was yawning enough to dislocate my jaw, just about, while I was walking my dog. In older novels, they call yawning "gaping." To me, gaping just means letting your mouth hang open, not yawning. I think it's in Heidi that the sickly rich girl, Klara, in Frankfurt, tells Heidi that whenever she "gapes" the adults make her take cod liver oil.

I saw a robin coming and going to the nest, so I went out and snuck a peek. I go to a point not too near the nest and pretend I'm just looking out at the yard, but then I quick glance from the corner of my eye at the nest. I don't think there are babies yet. Maybe the dad is bringing food to the mom.

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